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 Kilik Miyuzi

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PostSubject: Kilik Miyuzi   Wed Dec 08, 2010 4:07 am

Fullname: Kilik Miyuzi

Nicknames: none

Date of birth/Age: 16

Canon/OC: OC

Category: Night Class

Species: Vampire

Level: Pureblood

Abilities/Powers: Control of lesser vampires

General Appearance: Kilik has black hair and green eyes. Kilik is 6'1 and weighs 120lbs. He is semi muscular and wears the cross academy uniform often. His relaxed wear is jeans,sandals and a t-shirt. He wears a coat withrelaxed wear during winter breaks.

Personality: Kilik is kind to most humans and vampires until they hurt the ones he cares for. Kilik is energetic and talkative but keeps control of it in important situations. Kilik also likes to be a fool and would try to make others have fun.

Fears: He fears death

History: Kilik was born sixteen years ago to two pure blood parents. They raised to believe in head master Cross's ideal. He believed it was possible until his parents were killed. They died from vampire hunters for supposedly killing humans. Kilik disposed of the hunters a year later on his tenth birthday. He was then taken care of by his relatives until they died for the same reason. He was thirteen when he ran away from his last relatives house before they were killed. He lived in the wild until he came across the headmaster in the woods a few months ago.

Roleplay Sample: Kilik walked with his parents to see who was at the door."Yes?" Asked his mom." Die human killers!" Yelled vampire hunters as they attacked. Kilik ran to the back door and out to his closest relative. He heard the screams of his parents and the hunters triumphent gloats as they started to pursue him. He jumped into a nearby tree and avoided the hunters.

The next morning Kilik came out of the tree and ran to his grandpa's house. He knocked on the door loudly. "Kilik? Is that you?" Asked his grandpa as he hurried him inside. "Yeah." He said as he hugged his grandpa. "Me and grandma will raise you now." He said as he took Kilik in. Kilik spent the rest of the year there.

A year later the hunters came again. Kilik answered the door they tried to get in but he stayed in the way. "Then you'll die with them!" They yelled as they attacked. Kilik attacked with unerring speed as he kills the first hunter. He then picks up the hunter's sword and uses it to slice the remaining hunters to death. When it was over he went inside to find that his grandparents had been killed in their sleep. He ran out in a rage to his last relative, his cousin.

Kilik lived with them for three years. He had enjoyed talking and listening to his cousin and his wife. They weren't purebloods but they showed sympathy to him for being apart of the rare pureblood group. He had just turned thirteen and smiled happily to the last of his family. That night he jumped outside from his room's window and ran off into the woods as hunters barges into hid cousin's house and killed them.

He spent the next three years in the woods which was near cross academy. "I guess I'll be like a hippie." He says recalling a book he read about people. He lived off of the most populated animals. He was hunting a deer one day when he came across two humans. An ex-vampire hunter and a girl. His parents had talked with the man. He approached them when they camped for the night. Just noticing the white haired boy with them. "Who's there?" Questioned the boy as the ex-hunter and girl look up. "Kaien......" Kilik said as he sat down."Kilik, you're alive but I thought...." Said the headmaster as he got up. "I ran off before they could get to me." He said as he looked at the girl. "Come with us." The headmaster said as they took him with them to the academy. He spends the next few months learning about the academy.
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PostSubject: Re: Kilik Miyuzi   Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:48 am

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Kilik Miyuzi
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