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 Yamino Yukiya

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Yamino Yukiya


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PostSubject: Yamino Yukiya   Sat Nov 13, 2010 4:24 pm

Fullname: Yamino Yukiya

Nicknames: Yuki,Yu-chan

Date of birth/Age:27 december 1994,16

Canon/OC: OC

Category: Night Class


Level: Noble/Rank:B

Abilities/Powers:She can control the time and can heal any open wound with her weapon woupen which is mostily used in battels

General Appearance:

Personality:She is open minded person and has intense feelings,but when she cares about a person,she would do everything for she/him .And she enjoy to draw and to read some good books
Fears: Unknown


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Pedobear (Roko)


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PostSubject: Re: Yamino Yukiya   Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:49 am

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Yamino Yukiya
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