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 Mia, a vampire hinter

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PostSubject: Mia, a vampire hinter   Sat Jul 31, 2010 10:33 am

Full name: Mia Minoske

Nicknames: None

Date of birth/age: 13

Canon/Oc: Oc

Category: Day class

Species: Human

Level: (only for vampires)

Abilities: none

General appearance: Mia wears a long sleeve t-shirt and a skirt. She has brown hair and green eyes. She has a belt that she wears and has a favourite ring that she wears most of the time. She also sometimes wears a short sleeved shirt with pants. She 5'3 and is thin.

Personality: Mia is quiet and timid around others. She likes quiet places and is found reading comics, giving most people the idea that she's a geek. She takes a serious attitude when its needed and rarely has a take-charge attitude. She is kind when people knows her more than her job and timidness allows.

Fears: Not being able to help and being useless

History: Mia was born in the hunter village and stayed there a while. She started traveling when she finished her hunter training at surprisingly young age. She lives in a house near multiple bars in the village. She traveled mostly until she got a letter that her mother died. She packed her things and went to the hunters village but made a short stop to hear rumors. She then continued to the village. She got to the village the day before her mothers funeral. After the funeral, Mia stayed with her father until he died then she lived on her own. The day after her fathers funeral she got a letter in the mail saying there was a job waiting for her.

Rp sample:Mia walked up to the front door of the information hall, letting out a sigh. She went inside and up to the counter. The person behind the desk looked at her coldly, "Who are you miss?" Was asked and she replied "I'm Mia." The person looked at her then handed her a letter. She thanked the person then went home. When she got to her house, she opened the letter which stated it was from the head master of cross academy. The letter said she would start staying at the day class dorms and attend the day classes there. She sighed and layed back thinking."Cross academy eh....good for me." She said with sarcasm ad she faded into a slumber.
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PostSubject: Re: Mia, a vampire hinter   Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:20 pm

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Mia, a vampire hinter
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