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 Cecilia Angelika Sol

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PostSubject: Cecilia Angelika Sol   Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:01 pm

Fullname: Cecilia Anglika Sol


Date of birth/Age: 3 – 6 – 1994, 16 Years

Canon/OC: OC

Category: Night Class


Level: Noble


General Appearance:
Cecilia is 168 cm tall, she got long black hair and very light skin. She have green eyes, and a lovely smile, when she finaly want to smile.

Cecilia is very shy. Cecilia holds herself back, and hides if she sees alot of peeps at one place. Cecilia isnt good beingaround others, mostly cuz she gets confused and says something wrong, so she gets in problems.

Fears: Water and Snakes

3. June, 1994: The sun var shinning, a women was screaming, and a man was running around to try do whatever she wished him to. The day after the young cueple had a lovely lil daughter, they named her Cecilia Angelika Sol. Cecilia grow up, but her parents was very worried about her. A day she been in school, she came home and was very mad and her parents couldnt find out what was wrong with their lil girl. So they sent her away,, to a school they thought would be the best for her, but she never came to the school, instead she took to another one.
Cecilia was a vampire, she tried for long time to find a place where she would fit in!, and finaly it happend.

RP sample:
Cecilia takes a red rose and puts it in her hair. She looks at the lake to see herself, and smiles a bit. The rose matches her red lips perfectly.
Cecilia removes some of her hair from her face, and fix her clothes a bit. She looks down over her dress and smiles again. She turns around herself and laughs softly. ''Lalalala!'' she sings out loud and springs around and dance. Cecilia falls down to her back and grins, she looks up at the sky and lifts her arms to the sky to see if she can reach it. She laughs over her own sillyness and takes her arms down again. Cecilia folds her arms behind her head and closes her eyes for a moment

(Sorry for my bad english Razz)
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Cecilia Angelika Sol
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