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 Kenzie Corabella

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Kenzie Corabella


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PostSubject: Kenzie Corabella   Sat Jun 05, 2010 9:21 am

Fullname: Kenzie Corabella

Nicknames: Kenzie, KC, Kenny, Zee

Date of birth/Age: December 15th / 18 years old

Canon/OC: OC

Category: Night class


Level: Noble

Kenzie is a very pure vampire, unusually so. In fact her family is quite well known in vampire society as it is one of the least tainted bloodlines of the noble vampires. As a result, Kenzie's vampire traits are stronger than most nobles, and hence, so are her powers. Kenzie has the ability to harness energy and manipulate it into a deadly weapon. If any of you have ever played pokemon, her power operates much like a hyper beam. Kenzie can harness her inner energy, or energy from the environment around her and the focus it into a hyper concentrated form that is like a highly magnified beam of sunlight, powerful enough to burn straight through steel without much of a problem. Kenzie's is not all powerful however. As i said before, she gains her energy from herself, or the environment around her. Using her own energy is quite draining for Kenzie so she prefers to use other sources of energy like electricity from a power point on the wall, or the life force of the plant in the corner of the room, or in dire circumstances, energy from the humans or vampires around her.

General Appearance:

Kenzie is possibly one of the most grounded noble vampires you'll ever meet, quite opposite to what her bloodline dictates she should be. She is not however completely ignorant, in fact she is highly intelligent. She understands the way her world works and knows exactly what to do to get what she wants and can be quite ruthless if the situation calls for it. Most of the time however Kenzie is a happy and cheerful vampire who has absolutely no trouble blending in completely with the humans around her when stealth is key. She has a lovable face and any who meet her find it hard to believe she is one of the most powerful noble vampires alive in the world today. That knowledge usually is only gained by other nobles, and only once they have known Kenzie for many a year.

The very remote possibility of a vampire and vampire hunter war. Aside from that, nothing much. Kenzie is very easy going.

Kenzie is the youngest descendant of the Corabella bloodline. This line is very pure, Kenzie herself is thought to have less than 5% human blood in her, a low concentration even for a Corabella. This is a result of planing from her deceased grand parents. They ensured that the 2 most pure noble vampires of their family were married to have Kenzie, an attempt to refine the Corabella bloodline as close as it can be back towards that of the purebloods. As a result the Corabella family is one of the most powerful and most respected bloodlines in the noble families. And Kenzie herself is a trusted companion and even friend of many of the few remaining purebloods. She was once told by a friend that it's probably because her happy and youthful personality brings back some of the life to the powerful ancients around her.

Kenzie lost her parents when she was quite young, the details of how and why were never really explained to her, but what happened to her afterward Kenzie's aunt and uncle had no compulsions about telling her. Kenzie's parents had been close friends with the Kuran family and so when they died, Juri and Haruka Kuran offered to take Kenzie in as they thought Kaname could use someone his own age to talk to. Naturally Kenzie's aunt and uncle jumped at the offer of getting one of their family that closely involved with the Kurans. So Kenzie spent the next 3 years living with the Kuran family, becoming quite close to the young Kaname. This is where Kenzie gets her very pureblood demeanor from, for she was mostly raised as one.

When Juri and Haruka died, Kenzie had been visiting her aunt and uncle as she often did back then, for the couple wanted to make sure Kenzie knew that even though she was being raised mostly as a Kuran, she was in fact a Corabella and she should know the rights and responsibilities that came with that. However with the death of her adoptive parents, Kenzie found herself quite lost, until Kaname came around to her aunt and uncle's house several days later. Kenzie was one of the few people left in the world he could really trust and understood what he was going through for they have been effectively brother and sister for 3 years.

Kenzie spent the next few years up until now close to Kaneme. He grew seemingly more distant from her in personality as they grew older and each of their respective duties began to make themselves known. However the pair still shares an unusually deep bond for another and Kaneme trusts Kenzie as one of his most trusted advisers, and possibly the only noble vampire who can speak their mind to him and not fear the consequences. Kenzie does not exercise this right very often though as growing up under pureblood traditions has taught her how important it is to keep respectful of Kaname lest the other vampires start to try and act as she does.

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PostSubject: Re: Kenzie Corabella   Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:50 am

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Kenzie Corabella
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