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 Brandon's arsenal

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Brandon Maboroshi


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PostSubject: Brandon's arsenal   Thu May 13, 2010 8:48 am

Brandon has mastered many weapon diciplines and has forged weapons that suit his needs.

Primary: the one he almost always has;

Type: Sword

Name: Kosenjou Shiniji
Abilities: absorbed and utilizes the attacks of old foes Brandon has encountered, also can harness his energy and aura to form a blade of energy for an attack (similar to getsuga tenshou only rainbow colored and more focused) when combined with his blood many blades of energy are sent out (inuyasha's blades of blood only as strong as the ultimate getsuga)

Appearance: western longsword 1.3m long and 7cm wide. the hilt is pitch black and unaddorned 10cm wide. the grip has leather wraped around it and welded at to the metal to keep it still 10cm long with a rainbow colored jewel fastened into the bottom of the entire piece giving it an extra 2.5cm, the blade is silvery-bronze colored with black edges which are honed to the thickness of a single atom making it able to cut through almost anything.

Origin: Brandon forged his sword in the hottest fires of hell in order to make sure it was indestructable.
Materials used in the forging; Orichalum=bronze diamond=silver katchim=black
Forging process; forged in the fires of hell the katchim orichalum and diamond were melted together and folded into the strongest blade when they cooled the remaining katchim was used to make the hilt of the sword. before it cooled all the way the blade was thrust into the hilt and bonded together. due to the thinness of the blades edges it never requires sharpening.

Secondary: the second weapon he uses but not al the time;

Type: Whip

Name: Nomerikomu
Abilities: absorbs the demonic energy of what ever it slays adding to its own power. the energy absorbed adds to the damaging power only not to brandon himself. can extend itself endlessly. drains the power of the user if the user isnt human.

Appearance: appears to be a simple whip made of leather but is in fact a very powerful hunters weapon.

Origin: unknown to Brandon he stole it off of a hunter that tried to kill him after seeing it could extend as far as it needed to attack him. when he was practicing his skills he slew a host of level E vampires that attackes him with the whip and realized that it absorbed their aura and power adding to its own. how ever he also realized that it drains his aura as well increasing its power until he stops using it as a weapon then it loses all the energy it took from him but retains the energy of what it has killed over its lifetime.
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PostSubject: Re: Brandon's arsenal   Sat May 15, 2010 9:51 am

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Brandon's arsenal
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