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 Brandon Maboroshi

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Brandon Maboroshi


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PostSubject: Brandon Maboroshi   Wed May 12, 2010 1:32 pm

Fullname: Brandon Maboroshi

Nicknames: Ghost, Phantom,

Canon/OC: OC

Date of birth/Age: 17 B-day July 7

Category: Night class

Species: Vampire

Level: B

Abilities/Powers: Free control of air and bodily energy (bodily energy DB series reference) uses timelord science to expand his carrying capacity of his backpack. When feeding he can manipulate emotions and pass his on as well.

General Appearance: 5'10" semi musculed and slim, hair;Black looks like Gohan's after he met trunks and before he became a SS (DBZ) with Dark's (DNAngel) bangs. mood eyes; green=happy, hazel=normal, brown=sad, black=enraged, red=blood thirsty. wears a black t-shirt sometimes it looks like it has been through alot other times it looks like its brand new, black denim pants (same condition) that fit loosely a black belt to hold up his pants no shoes or socks unless it is a special occasion (in his opinion) a pouch on his belt that holds anything he needs and a small flask of what ever drink he craves (both have the expanded capacity). he wears tear-shaped earings in his earlobes made of saphires. and he carries a what ever weapon he feels is useful at the time.

Personality: He is shy towards girls when they are in close proximity (0.5 meters away or closer) until he gets to know them better. Hates perverts and will attack anyone who performs a perverted act infront of him regardless of blood status. Sometimes a showoff but is trying to correct that. Lazy at times bored very easily and will try almost anything once. he can be a genius at times and a complete idiot at others. Having been hated by most of society he cannot undertand that someone could be in love with him and is so dense in such matters he wont notice if anyone has affections for him unless they tell him directly.

Fears: He fears lightning attacks but not natural lightning and offending girls

History: Brandon's parents were nomadic nobles who were force from their home in ireland by threats and continuous attack to their livestock and sevants. they died shortly after Brandon turned four. Unhappy with his life from a young age Brandon Traveled the world. During his travels he met several masters of various weapon diciplines and studied their movements, copied them, and made them his own. He mastered using his Bodily energy by learning from a hermit living on a small mountain on the ocean and expirimenting with what he had discovered. after learning about his powers he decided to train and become strong enough to defend himself from rouge vampires and hunters who wanted his blood. upon arriving in Japan he searched for a place where vampires lived with eachother as he had done in every country he visited. simply put he is looking for a place he can fit in.

RP sample based on bleach: heh your obviously a fool my evil half is the half that holds back. when it is gone i dont hold back and my physical powers are more potent. i want my evil half becuase it allows me to truly be a neutral being.

Brandon open's a senkaimon and dares his evil half to follow him in the dongai. his evil half enters angered by the insults and the senkaimon seals leaving everyone behind.

Inside of the dongai the convulsing currents that force objects out of the dongai have ceaced and the "cleaner" is nowhere to be found. Brandon and his evil half are stareing at eachother waiting for the first move to be made.
Why do you want me back when i can kill you at any time and transform you into your true form? without you i am incomplete i may not want to control your powers but i want the other half of Kosenjou Shuniji back, and plus i dont want anyone to see that i have an aspect of my body out of control. What ever we could have done it in another dimension why here? this is the only world that wont be harmed by our battle and i dont want any thing to see our Sword's true abilities. why not Zanpokuto are to be used to kill and save. if any one knew what it truly does then i would be seen as an abonination again and so would you being a part of me. i wont stand for that an i would take over to destroy everything. Presicly.

The Brandons draw their blades and cry out SHINE! Shinsei! Kosenjou Shuniji! thier blades transform into thier shikai state but the blade has a mirror image triforce on it and the blade is gray. they raise thier swords and strike the air infront of them producing an energy wave similar to claw marks on the trunk of a tree. the energy clashes and swirls around the narrow confines of the dongai before dissapating and being replaced with several bloodred moonring blades that clash equally as well. the scattered energy barley dissapates when the space is filled with the various elements and those elements clash and convulse slicing the brandons as the energies are flung out again. the brandons start to move aroud firing off powerful attacks thet shake the dongai and scar the current walls. after the chaos subsides the Brandons are severely injured and the blades are chipped and scalded. panting they charge for one final strike and the good brandon shatters the evil one's blade. the evil one collapses and brandon stabs hin in the heart with his blade, as the body and shards are sucked in the evil one has a sly grin on his face.

By doing this you have not only concoured me but you have inlocked my full powers. they are yours to control as you see fit but if you ever lose because you held back i will devour your soul and the soul of everyone you love. you should know i will never lose but i swear to you Xennel you will never see the light of day again. as of now you will receed into my blade and be out under his dominance until such a time i choose to wield your powers. but until then you will never know what goes on in the outside world. heh you still show mercy to even your worst nightmares that will be your downfall and my revolution.

Xennel is finnaly absorbed into the blade and brandon seals it before a wave of power emits from him that reverts him back to the way he was. he opens the senkaimon and exits the dongai heading for earth and his house.

(Highlight to read the missing parts.)

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PostSubject: Re: Brandon Maboroshi   Sat May 15, 2010 9:49 am

Approved ^^

please start rping :]
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Brandon Maboroshi


Posts : 23427
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PostSubject: Re: Brandon Maboroshi   Sat May 15, 2010 1:15 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Brandon Maboroshi   

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Brandon Maboroshi
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