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 Melina Rosie Lilly

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PostSubject: Melina Rosie Lilly   Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:02 am

Full name: Melina Rosie Lilly
Nick name: Mel
Date of birth/Age: June 24, 1980
Canon/OC: OC
Category: Vampire class (only)
Species: Vampire/ Demon
Level: 15
Abilities/power: can survive sunlight; only drinks blood of animals; can run faster than any vampire; can redirect bullets and any other power. my special powers are i can change my appearence, turn invisable, and i can meditate while floating in mid-air.
Personality: im fun, i get along with everyone, and im never boring
Fears: my fear is not bein excepted by other vamps and demons.
History: I have commited horrible things in my past and i am on the run, and tryin to find a new life to were ppl wont judge me on what i am but will like me for me.

(my character pic is my avatar.)

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PostSubject: Re: Melina Rosie Lilly   Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:51 am

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Melina Rosie Lilly
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