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 KoKoa Lala

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PostSubject: KoKoa Lala   Tue Jul 16, 2013 1:00 am

Fullname: KoKoa Lala

Nicknames: Lala, KoKo

Date of birth/Age: Unknown

Canon/OC: ( A Canon character is a character from Vampire Knight...and a Oc character is a new character...your own personal character ) OC

Category: (Day Class/Humans Class and Night Class/Vampires Class) Night Class

Species:(Human/Vampire) Grim Reapers

Abilities/Powers: (Only applicable to Vampires, Night class, or Vampire Hunters. ) Can use death scythe- amazing ability.

General Appearance:( Photo or description. If description. Be Throuogh) Profile Picture

Personality:( Minimum of 3 sentences.) Cute, evil, and insane. Loves to see the color of blood. DESPISES spiders.

Fears: ( Your fears ) Spiders!!!

History:( Minimum of 8 Complete sentences.) She grew up in Hell and was raised by her older brother, Grell. He loved her a lot, but one day she went missing. Grell never found her again, but she discovered an academy. She enrolled for it and eventually got in. Being a grim reaper, though, she has no idea how the other students will react to her. She doesn't care, though. Nothing can stop her... Not even... Donuts? xX-Xx?!
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KoKoa Lala
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