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 Oath Keeper

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Bartholomew Sain-Drake


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PostSubject: Oath Keeper   Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:09 pm

Name: Oath keeper
Type: a dagger
Appearence: Oath Keeper
Ability: can transform into a sythe or a sickle and puts sand in its victim if they break a promise they had to Bartholomew

Duration/Cooldown: Cooldown 5 posts. Duration 10 posts
Name: Oath of the sand
Ability: To putt sand it the oath maker's hand by cutting or stabing in it. After they made a promise and if they got stabed by the dagger or even cut there will be a little sand in their blood for a while. If they break that promise they will be temporarily paralyzed so that Bartholomew can escape from the opponent or capture it.

Duration/Cooldown: Cooldown 3 posts. Duration until canceld.
Name: Oath transform
Ability: The oath keeper dagger can transform into a regular sice sythe or a sickle to attack his opponent. on different ways then with a dagger.
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Oath Keeper
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