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 The Vampire Hunter: Resa Moon

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PostSubject: The Vampire Hunter: Resa Moon   Mon Dec 21, 2009 8:04 pm

Fullname: Resa Rose Moon
Nicknames: Resa
Date of birth/Age: May 24, 1990
Canon/OC: OC
Category: Night Class/Vampires Class
Species: Demon/Human
Level: ( Only for vampires.)
Abilities/Powers: Can Change into Demon Form.
General Appearance:
Devil Form:

Personality: She has a bad ass attuide, but when she's not hunting Vampires in her spare time, she's usally clam and easy to get along with. Fun and out going. She's also a smart ass.
Fears: Not being able to protect the ones she loves most.
History: Her Family was killed by Demons when she was five. Knowing what she is and was, she kept running away from her Foster Homes. She had finally escaped her ninth foster home when she was kidnapped by another Half Demon. He taught her the ways of sword and fighting. He trained her for six long painfull years.
Shortly after, she left him to be on her own. Knowing that she couldn't kill him, she stunned him with his own sword and took off.
Now she own's her own bar called "The Devil's Night". She also does small jobs every now and then to keep herself in shape. But it seems, she takes more jobs then she should.

Roleplay Sample: Resa quickly ran up the building, then she pushed off with her feet, doing three back flips. She pulled out her guns, Ebony & Ivory, and shot at the vampires down below, hitting three. When she landed on her feet, two lunged at her, but doing an odd movement with her wrist, she got both of them in the head. The others stopped and looked at her. Then took off running.
"Hey, where's everyone going?" she asked, with a sigh. "Come'on, the party was just getting started!"

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PostSubject: Re: The Vampire Hunter: Resa Moon   Sun Feb 07, 2010 2:59 am

Fullname: Sir Dai "Valerius" Magnus

Nicknames: Val

Date of birth/Age: July 31st, 1066 AD/ Looks to be about 21.

Canon/OC: OC

Category: Vampires Class

Species: Vampire

Level: Pure Bloods

Abilities/Powers: He can read minds and move things with his mind.

General Appearance: ?

Personality: He's not your friendly vampire. But when clam can make the whole room break out into laughter. He usually likes to be alone. He's trained in the ways of sword. Although, he likes to use his mind powers to mess with human heads to get his dinner...

Fears: To be beaten.

History: Valeruis is an anicent Vampire from Rome. He's seen many frightening things: plagues, murders and disco music. He has seen everything that life could possbiley throw at humans. Being a Pure Blood, he usually has to drink from humans.
He grew up with his family, and lived a happy life. But, for some odd reason, he couldn't help to feel as if something had been missing. He left his family for awhile, but came back with nothing. He is still looking for that "something" that is missing from his life and hopes to find it soon.
Up until the 1990's he lived in Greece and then shortly moved back to Rome. But his family wanted him to go back to school. And he came here, by his parents choice. On his way here, he had a run in with a Vampire Hunter named Resa Moon. He nearly had killed her, if it hadn't been for her friends.

Roleplay Sample: It was night when he got to the old castle on the hill. The moon shone down into the enterance, lighting up the room. "Illuiminating..." he mumbled as he conuited forward.

Valeruis walked into the room. Nothing odd here, but yet, he couldn't place it. Something wasn't right. His eyes darted from one thing to another; the walls, for some reason, weren't looking the same as they did the last time he was here.

"I know your here." he called out to nothingness. "So quit it with the games and show yourself." He took a few steps foreward, pulling out his sword. And there, standing in front of the window in the pale moonlight... Was Resa Moon. "There you are... Are we going to finish what we had started?"

She shook her head. She turned to him with sad eyes. "I... I... I need your help..."

Valeruis stood there, frozen. Did the Vampire Huntress just ask him for help?
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PostSubject: Re: The Vampire Hunter: Resa Moon   Sun Feb 07, 2010 11:21 am

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PostSubject: Re: The Vampire Hunter: Resa Moon   

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The Vampire Hunter: Resa Moon
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