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 Shizuke Sora

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PostSubject: Shizuke Sora   Fri May 03, 2013 3:18 am

Fullname: Shizuke Sora ( XP )

Nicknames: Shizuke, Anna, Sora

Date of birth/Age: Age: 25

Category: (Day Class/Humans Class and Night Class/Vampires Class) Vampire//Night Class

Species:(Human/Vampire) Vampire

Level: ( Only for vampires.) B

Abilities/Powers: (Only applicable to Vampires, Night class, or Vampire Hunters. ). Succubus/Secuctivd Charm, Talking to animals, Shadowcast ~complete darkness~, Light Bubble

General Appearance:( Photo or description. If description. Be Throuogh) Profile picture X3

Personality:( Minimum of 3 sentences.). Sora is always cheerful and happy, but can be sad and dark when necessary time comes. She has a determined attitude, and will stop at nothing to protect the people she cares about. She's quite perky, like her sister, but at the same time serious and focused. (Although she has ADHD)1

Fears: ( Your fears ) Losing everything.

History:( Minimum of 8 Complete sentences.) Sora was a simple teenager with a perky little sister. Her parents died when she was eleven, but she didn't seem to be bothered. There was nothing to life except for living. That was it. She didn't care about anything but survival. Finally, she stumbled across a flyer for this amazing Academy. She decided to pay it a visit, and soon ended up where she was now. She can only wait for history to repeat itself. After all, she could never forget the past.

Roleplay Sample:
~Sora whispered "Shadowcast", setting the scene for the very thing she knew she would never do. But nobody knows everything, right?~

*walks through a forest, eyes glowing a deep red* "I wonder...." *looks up and sees the silhouette of a tall man* "Eek!" *sends knives flying at the dark figure, but nothing happens* "E... Eh?" *looks around frantically, seeing millions of silhouettes crowding her*

~With a scream, Sora knew she had no chance of survival- at least not unless she used her last resort. It was risky, and she knew that. But maybe... Just maybe...~
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Shizuke Sora
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