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Don't's a west of good suffering...
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 Kei Takishima

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PostSubject: Kei Takishima   Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:58 pm

Kei Takishima

Date of birth/Age:


Night Class


Pure Blood

As a pureblood Kei is capable of controlling lesser vampires, he chooses not to exercise his powers earning the respect of the noble vampires.

General Appearance:

Although he is stoic most of the time and always keeps a calm facade under any circumstance, things involving Cassidy are the only ones that bring out intense anxiety within him. It bothers him whenever Cassidy pushes herself too hard, although it's for the reason that he admires and respects her.Although under that cold calm emotion you get to see another side of Kei. One that worries, smiles, and sometimes act evil. The only time these emotion surfaces are when something involves Cassidy comes up. Kei can act pretty evil and sinister when someone else gets Cassidy's affections. When that happens he usually makes them feel pretty miserable.


You'll find out in the rp..

Offtopic :
The ropleplay sample isn't my bio so..cut it out !

Roleplay Sample:
He was always the weird kid in class ... all of his colleagues called him all kinds .... but not wanting to disappoint his mother he continued to hope that someday things will improve for him. .. Until one day he came from school and some colleagues waited around the corner ...they beat him so bad that he was no longer able to move and when they see what they done...they run and left him in a pool of blood ...hours have passed ... and he whine in pain....then he heard a man voice from a dark corner ... the voice said "You felt the pain ... and you will feel the same paint ... forever ..." voice stopped for a few moments to see my reaction and after that he continued "But ... i can make it stop ..." The child pain became increasingly severe ... the child say with a dead voice " Help ... Me ..." The stranger approached the child and tasted the blood found in the alley ... "Hmmm....Say it....Do u want my help?" the child didn't know what is happening and almost dead....he said "Y...Yes ..." the stranger took him up and whispered in his ear "This will not hurt ... just very much ..." the child started to cry.When the stranger see him crying he threw him into the wall and say " Don' cry ... I's a west of good suffering!" child began to cry of pain of increasingly strong ... then the stranger took him and bite his neck. After a few moments the child eyes make black and his skin became whiter ... the stranger put him down and the child is struggling between life and death and now the child feel a pain bigger then ever ... after few second he passes out and the stranger disappeared in the shadows laughing.When he woke up he felt a great pain in the chest .. was like it was the first time in his life when he was breathing ... After that he started walking home ... walking down the street he noticed that people looked strangely at him ... he was scared so he started running, after several minutes of running ... being tired ... he stopped at a shop window and he saw his red eyes ... and his sharp vampire fangs. For a moment he was shocked and then he looked at the sky, it was night and it was raining, he remember that he have to go home because it's night so he walk home. When he arrived on a hill and started to run because he saw that his house is on fire.When he finally arrived the people stopped him and told him that his mother is dead. He could not believe it's true ... he started to cry and also he asked who did it.No one answer.He's eyes become dark red and his fangs grow bigger...he kill all the people who was there and all the children ... from the village ... he disappeared in the shadows and he never return in that village again ...
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Kei Takishima
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