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 Cassidy Kane

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PostSubject: Cassidy Kane   Sat Dec 19, 2009 6:20 pm

Fullname: Cassidy Kane

Nicknames: Cass

Date of birth/Age: 17

Canon/OC: Oc

Category: Night Class

Species: Vampire

Level: Noble / Rank B

Abilities/Powers: Has a whip who develops from her blood

General Appearance:

Personality: One of the youngest Night Class students. She works as a model.When the Night Class is given orders to hunt down a level E vampire, She's usually the one who hunt the level E vampires.Her father is part of the council and her mother was also a former actress, making the Kane family well known.

Fears: Unknown

History: You'll find out in the rp

Roleplay Sample: Let's make it simple, i'm not an cannon character or a Pure Blood .. i'm a Noble .. so i don't have to write a rolelay Sample...
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Cassidy Kane
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