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 Plot Updates

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PostSubject: Plot Updates   Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:31 pm

From here, Admins will post a shortened summary of that weeks events. Remember to describe the time of year. I'm starting the school year at the beginning of September, so don't post that its hot out.

[[Note: We're starting at the beginning of the series, just so you know.]]

The story thus far:

Well the school year is about to begin at Cross Academy, students are settling in and meeting one another. Go for a cup of cocoa in the Village everyone! The winters going to be nasty. Already the tree's leaves are changing colours and falling onto the ground. But whats this? We seem to have some new students in the Night and Day Class! Hibari and Saki met in the library, having a nice chat thus far. No one has seen Yuko, prehaps shes off getting wishes paid for? Who knows. Oh wait, there she is, also in the Library, and maybe she has found a new treasure...?

But remember students!

We all want you to be safe so ubide the school rules!
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Plot Updates
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