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 Roko Kūkyo

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Pedobear (Roko)


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PostSubject: Roko Kūkyo   Thu May 31, 2012 6:00 am

Full name - Roko Kūkyo

Nicknames - God Of Emptiness. (Refers to himself as GOEI.)

DOB/Age - Looks mid twenties.


Category - I Don't even think this is applicable anymore.

Species - Nothing (A being with no heart or soul, Roko, however is an exception, given he is the ruler of these beings.)

General Appearance - Roko has eyes that look normal but have a demon slant and are yellow.

Roko has Black hair and is semi-muscular (w

Roko has slightly pale skin.

Normal Clothing - Usually consists of a suit and vest combo. He wears nothing to conceal his face. (Vest = Dark Red. Suit 'n' tie = Black, tie has white stripes.)

Armor - Roko usually wears a heavy armor that protects from nearly all physical attacks, but not mental or temperature based attacks. (Roko can still stand great amounts of heat and cold though.) (NOTE: His armor also counts as a second form, as when he is in that form the armor forms around him and he gets a lot stronger.)

Pic of armor

Personality - Roko is often very serious about things in his armored form, (The form he uses more often than his normal form, which is exceedingly powerful.) but he does crack jokes occasionally while fighting.

In his normal form, he tends to be very silly and act like an idiot.

If left alone he becomes very violent and has mental breakdowns, this is why his realm is in chaos at the moment.

Fears - Being left alone for too long.

History - Roko, or GOEI as he calls himself is a god of a realm called The Realm Of Emptiness.

Despite himself not actually being an empty being, he is the god of this realm and he's only risen when the need was great or when he was summoned.

He has been left alone for too long, and because of that is having a violent mental breakdown, this in turn has plunged his realm into chaos.

He can sense the need is great in one of the material realms so he has gone to check out what is happening, despite his mental health.

The other beings of these realms have sensed his presence.


Madness Sphere - he makes a ball in his hand filled with his own madness and throws it at a target, if charged enough it could destroy a world. (days of charging)

But even with the smallest amount of charge it could destroy tons of stuff.

Teleportation - Self explanatory.

Strength, Speed, Agility and Power - Self explanatory.

Dash - A dash so fast it looks as if he is teleporting. (Can't use infinitely in armored form, too bulky)

And a bunch of others i have yet to figure out names for.

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Brandon Maboroshi


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PostSubject: Re: Roko Kūkyo   Thu May 31, 2012 6:02 am

GOEI as in GO AWAY lol.
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Pedobear (Roko)


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PostSubject: Re: Roko Kūkyo   Thu May 31, 2012 6:09 am


That would be funny.

"Hey, you there?"

"Go away."

"I kno, that's your name rite?"



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PostSubject: Re: Roko Kūkyo   

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Roko Kūkyo
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