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 Mellina rose saimia

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mellina rose saimia


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PostSubject: Mellina rose saimia   Tue Dec 15, 2009 7:52 pm

Full name:Mellina rose saimia

Nicknames: Mei or melli

Date of birth/age: july 20/17

Canon/oc: Oc

Category:Night Class


Level:Noble/Rank b

Abilities/powers: Reading Minds/ using the elements


Personality:As a Noble, Mellina is a powerful vampire. Mellina is very serious when it comes to fighting and any enemies that comes her way will be killed, but she likes helping and caring for others that are like her. Also, has a favorite liking to reading lots and lots of books, which is why she's known as a bookworm. She's very kind and very quiet but if others talk to her, she gets a bit jumpy so it takes some time to let her get used to anyone else.

Fears:*To herself*


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Mellina rose saimia
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