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 Jack's Ninjato.

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PostSubject: Jack's Ninjato.   Mon Apr 23, 2012 10:14 pm


Name - Kusa no surudoi ha. (He can materialize it out of his own being by the way.)

Type - Ninjato

Appearance - (Be better if you just clicked the link.)

Ability - Can change into a 90 inch long blade, during that period the sword glows green and becomes attached to the users/hosts hand so he can't let go. Also amplifies powers by 80%

Specific Techniques/Abilities.

1.) Dākukatto

Ability - Sends a Dark Green cut or slash of Energy in one direction or many depending on how fast he is slicing. (This has been proven to cut through buildings from more than 30 kilometers away if it's a low power slash.)

Duration - It is unknown how far the cut travels.

2.) Gurīnbāsuto

Ability - He plants the sword in the ground and it starts to glow green, after a few seconds it throws out a green burst that damages anything within 24 kilometers.

Duration - Only lasts one burst.

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Jack's Ninjato.
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