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 Jack (Just Jack.)

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PostSubject: Jack (Just Jack.)   Mon Apr 23, 2012 9:56 am


Full name - Jack.

Nicknames - ShadowLurker.

Age - 849. Looks 17-19


Category - Night.

Species - Vampire/Shadow Lurker. ( / means half.)

Level - N/A (Not Applicable.)




Main Abilities - Strength, Speed, Agility, Speed Invisibility, Combat Tactics and Melee Combat training.


CQC Melee Training - Allows for disarming techniques, takedown techniques, KO techniques and killing techniques. (Could probably disarm any weapon in a few seconds from anyone if they are caught by suprise)

Judo Melee Training - Easy Melee Takedowns.

Jujitsu Melee Training - Easy Knock Out Blows.

Ninjutsu - Stealth and Stealth Killing techniques

Laido -

Speed - Seemingly invisible and teleporting while moving at insane speeds he cannot be heard seen or sensed unless slowed by some other object. (I.E Trees.)


Character Attributes.

General Appearance

Hair - His hair is dark green. He has his hair loose.

Eyes - His eyes are glowing green.

Face - He is generally handsome.

FaceMask - He wears a Modern Day Ninja mask with red reflective glasses, note it has no top part so his hair comes out.

Upperbody - Semi Muscular.

UpperbodyArmor - he wears a Sneaking Suit covered by a Heavy Combat Vest and Hell Forged Plates over the vest.

LowerbodyArmor - Combat Pants with ammo (Shurikens etc...) pouches strapped on.

Boots - Custom Sneaking Boots, don't make a noise.
(all of the armor is indigo blue, as that color is hardest to spot in the dark.)

When in school he does wear the night class uniform.

However, he still carries his sword.


He is quiet and smart.

He is modest.

He is not easily angered.

He is very shy around Women. (Only women he has known for awhile.)

He's very friendly towards children.

Anything said related to his brother can draw either a single tear, or quietly walk out of the room and cry.

After 100 years looking for his imprisoned brother, he is on the verge of insanity. Something needs to bring him back.

Fears - Dieing before he finds his brother.



*Trying to think of ways to explain what i am thinking without making it sound stupid.*

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Jack (Just Jack.)
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