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 Airi Yamanabachi

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Airi Yamabachi


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PostSubject: Airi Yamanabachi   Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:56 pm

Full name: Airi Yamabachi

Nicknames: Air

Date of birth/age: April 25, 1998


Category: Day class

Species: Human/Vampure Hunter

Level: (only for vampires)

Abilities: none

General appearance: Airi has red hair which she usually ties up. She wears casual clothes to hunt for vampires.

Personality: Airi is quiet but tough. She's brave and is fast which is why she is nicknamed Air. She isnt strong and usually has B's in her grades. She has a liking of vampires even though she is a vampire hunter

Fears: To die just like her dad's and vampire hunters killing her because her secret of liking vampires.

History: Airi's mother divorced her father after finding out that her father was a vampire and killed him. Since then, Airi's mother is a vampire hunter and is now making Airi hunt vampires too. However after remembering the good memorys of her father, Airi couldnt hate vampires. She wants vampires and humans to come to peace and most of all, meet her father again. Because of this, Airi is quiet. Howver, her mother's strictness has made Airi tough. Airi doesnt live with her mother anymore due to their big fight about Airi's history

Rp sample:
Airi looked through the window and into the moon. " Why does mother hate vampires so much? " muttered Airi as she reached over to drink her tea. She breathed heavily and looked at her picture of her family. " What happened to us? " asked Airi out loud as she came over to her bed and sleep.
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Airi Yamanabachi
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