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 Hikari Zenaku

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Pedobear (Roko)


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PostSubject: Hikari Zenaku   Sun Mar 04, 2012 12:26 pm

Fullname - Hikari (Unisex name -_- means Light.)

Nicknames - Zenaku (Evil)

Date Of Birth - January 16th.

Age - Immortal (Looks 17-20) (Not the Immortal race, mind you.)

Canon/OC - OC

Category - Night/Day (Can be either)

Species - Demon/Vampire (Mostly demon, needs a little bit of blood every year to survive, can consume more to gain power.)

Level - Overlord (Demon)/Pure Blood (Vampire) (HE HAS NO CONCEPT OF GOOD OR EVIL)



Immense Strength - You better dodge his grabs and punches/kicks or else you're Eff'd simple as that.

Immense Speed - Never lose sight of him.

Shadow Blending - This is why he's most vulnerable in the day - at night or in dark areas he can blend in with the shadows, this powers him up as well as makes him untouchable, however he can still touch you. (SO STAY IN THE LIGHT AT NIGHT OR WAIT FOR THE DAY)

Blood Feed - His speed and strength allow him. (If you lose sight of him or if he uses shadow blending) to grip you and bite your neck, draining your blood and life force. (He usually solo rampages through cities, feeding on civies to gain power, at one point one of his enemies came too late and found a town full of skeletons and bloody corpses.)

Shadow Spears - He can shoot 5/10 mini spears at a time depending on if he's pointing one hand at you or both. (These can insta kill humans and stick them to walls, would probably stick Brandon to a wall disabling him temporarily, but not doing alot of damage.)

Light/Dark Beam - This sends out a powerful beam of combined light and darkness, killing nearly anything it touches.

Destroyer - A Sphere of Light/Dark energy that can destroy a planet and the stars around it.

Instant Teleportation - Can teleport to anywhere within 59735 miles.


Transformation - All his Powers increase by tenfold 50 times.

Transformation Power/Sonic Screech - This will kill any human within 10 miles. (However if you're a vampire or anything simillar this will be incredibly painful and will temporarily stun and deafen you.)



Normal Form

Hair at shoulder length

Nine feet tall.


He has Cyan hair.

He has Light Blue eyes, pretty much cyan.

Looks like Soubi from loveless. (I know he's gay but don't question my decision please, hate it when people do that. Oh yeah, he doesn't wear glasses.)

He usually wears a casual school uniform.

Shadow Knight Armor -

This suit of armor is protective - it's hellforged but it's pretty much just for show as he can heal almost any wound instantly.


Demon Form

Twelve feet tall.


Glowing Red eyes.

Dat's some scary crap ya got dere bro.

Main Appearance -
No Armor.



Personality - Tactiturn (Doesn't talk much), Intelligent, Strategist, Humorous/Serious, Cool And Strong.

Fears - Losing his power and Women.



Hikari was born out of darkness and light, a neutral being with no emphasis on right or wrong.

He used to go and still goes to what humans call: 'School.

They explained to him what right and wrong meant, but he never understood it.

He soon (after long thought) decided that he would form an army created for one reason:

The total annihilation of the corporations that controlled the world, believing that they were the cause of all the world's problems.

However, he never gave it enough thought so what he's doing without realizing is ensuring the doom on the human race.
He does show some affection towards his most trusted Lieutenant - Puraido. (Pride)

Roleplay Sample

Fuck it.


Misc - He lives in a fortress home in the icy wastes of the north.
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Pedobear (Roko)


Posts : 372
Join date : 2011-05-14
Age : 39
Location : I like cats.

PostSubject: Re: Hikari Zenaku   Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:26 am

Theme (If it were a video game this is what you'd be listening to while fighting him.)
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Hikari Zenaku
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