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 Ayama Kurai

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Amaya Kurai


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PostSubject: Ayama Kurai   Sat Oct 08, 2011 7:58 am

Fullname: Amaya Kurai

Nicknames: (Brother can only call me this =3) Amaya-sama

Age: 16-17

Canon/OC: OC

Category: Night Class

Species: Vampire

Level: Pure-blood


Vampire Strength: Since this is a vampire roleplay, I think everybody should know what this is

Hypnosis: Power to hypnotize lesser beings.

Rain: Summons dark rain that rains dark essence on enemies, causing them to deconstruct.

General Appearance: (my brother tried drawing one for me but he couldn't he's not good at drawing anime girls apparently so i picked one off google images. =( )

Personality: Ayama is really affectionate, childish and kind, she is very affectionate towards her brother.

Fears: she is afraid of her brother hating her, him dieing, her brother leaving and death.

History: Amaya's family was a very happy one until renegade hunters attacked her family killing most of them, but she survived, managing to catch a glimpse of her brother being dragged away.

so having no family to goto, she looked for her brother for a very long time

she came to cross academy once she had given up, and to her suprise she found her brother stuck in a suit of armor.\

she often sneaks into his room to cuddle up and sleep with him (lacking your ONLY family for a few years can get to you.)

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Pedobear (Roko)


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PostSubject: Re: Ayama Kurai   Sat Oct 08, 2011 5:49 pm

Cute, I guess.

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Ayama Kurai
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