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 Shadow Dancer.

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Pedobear (Roko)


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PostSubject: Shadow Dancer.   Thu Oct 06, 2011 2:05 am

Full Name --- Kage Kurai

Nicknames --- Shadow Dancer

Age --- 17 1/2 (due to the experiments, he is almost always in his prime.)


Category --- Night/Day (mostly a guard for both classes)

Species --- Partially vampire/machine (mostly Vampire, requires atleast one fresh drink of blood a day (so he has to bite), cannot infect people.)

Level --- Pureblood (Modified)


Extreme And Enhanced Strength --- One example is cutting in half a sky scraper with almost no effort.

Extreme Durability And Survivability --- Can take a sword in the chest and have the sword break. (if its hell forged it will either bounce off or come out of the handle) OF COURSE this varies how
many times he is hit in the same area, and it has to be by a special weapon that can break hell forged armor, many demons from hell carry these weapons.

Extreme Speed And Agility --- Can jump extremely high and sprint/run extremely fast.

Stealth --- Almost undetectable even when running and sprinting.

Stealth Camo

General Appearance

Helmet off (helmet is only taken off outside of the combat zone.)

AND NO! before you fucking ask that is not Kiryuu Zero (i know for a fact that he isn't Kiryuu cause i had that made for me by a friend.)

Helmet on (Full Suit) (his eyes glow and trail out of active camouflage, so the glowing light as it moves leaves a trail it dissapears in less than 3 seconds though and doesn't appear in active camo.)

Trench Coat & Gloves. (he wears these to cover the armor when not in combat)

Personality --- He is always very serious, wise, he shows sympathy at times, and believes that guns are silly toys compared to hand to hand combat and sword fighting. he still does use his silenced weapon on occasions.

Fears --- Going insane and hurting his friends, since he always has a risk of it.

History --- As far as he knows he doesn't have any. (Memories i mean)

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Pedobear (Roko)


Posts : 372
Join date : 2011-05-14
Age : 39
Location : I like cats.

PostSubject: Re: Shadow Dancer.   Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:01 am

i was a bit pissed when i was trying to pick a theme for this guy.

when i realized GUILTY GEAR! a game i used to play, that had an excellent sound track but i dare not use any other theme then Ky's cause i hated him i sucked playing as him.

i was great at any other character though so i used the theme from the character i hated most.

and to my suprise Ky's theme was one of the best, even though i hated fighting as him he had a great theme and that's where i got this from.

couldn't use any other theme than ky's cause i don't want to copy off any of the other characters soundtracks.

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Amaya Kurai


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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Dancer.   Sat Oct 08, 2011 7:59 am

You swear alot on the internet.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Dancer.   

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Shadow Dancer.
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