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 Black's Demon and human weapons.

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PostSubject: Black's Demon and human weapons.   Mon Oct 03, 2011 5:02 am

Demon main weapon --- Claws

his claws in demon form can rip through almost any metal and flesh, destroying anything in the armor or attached to it in the process.

He also uses his hands to grip people and throw them over incredibly long distances.

Demon secondary weapon --- Yamato (Demon Form)

in demon form Yamato is powered up causing it to cut things by itself as it is controlled by the demon's mind

Vampire/Normal Form Main Weapon --- Yamato

"Devil blade: Yamato") is Black's trademark dark-forged blade. It is a legendary sword that was once wielded by his father, and was left to Black as a keepsake. It resembles a Japanese Ōkatana, though it is said to be able to cut through anything, as it is even sharper than an Ōkatana and is imbued with tremendous magic. These qualities are important in its ability to both open and destroy the Hell Gates, but also allow the blade to slice through the fabric of space itself.

Appearance --- Yamato is an O-katana which has a black scabbard with a golden ribbon tied around it with the blade's handle itself was wrapped in white silk cloth with an intricate design of black silk covering the sides of the handle make a straight line to the guard while sheathed.

Dark Slayer Style --- The Yamato is intimately linked to Black's signature Dark Slayer Style, which he uses. As a warrior fallen from grace, Black can use the power of darkness to obtain new weapons and skills by leveling the style, and it interacts with his Yamato, and summoned swords. The style itself performs much like White's Trickster Style. White once stole Black's sword, but instead of being based on teleportation, it allows White to imitate Black's skills with the Yamato.

History --- Yamato once belonged to Black's father, Sparda, and according to the Order of the Sword, it was used to seal the "true Hell Gate". It was eventually given to Black as a memento.


Yamato Combo 1 --- A quick 3-hit combo.

Yamato Combo 2 --- Quickly slash the enemies in front of you 4 times before you slash down with great power.

Million Stab --- Rapidly stab the enemy with blinding speed creating enough momentum to blast them backward.

Black's Yamato Combo --- A slick three hit combo. Black sheaths his sword after the combo is finished.

Aerial Rave --- An aerial attack, that can be used continuously in rapid succession.

Rapid Slash --- Quickly charge towards an enemy, thrusting your sword deep into them.

Upper Slash --- Unsheathe your sword then quickly slash an enemy, launching them into the air, and then slashing them down.

Slash Dimension F --- A swift motion of the blade that cuts through dimensional barriers and unleashes a vortex of destruction.

Slash Dimension C --- A swift motion of the blade that cuts through dimensional barriers and unleashes a slicing cyclone with you at its origin. (Farther and does more damage)

Vampire/Normal Form Secondary Weapon --- Summoned Swords

Summoned Swords are magically generated blades.


Summoned Swords --- Hurl magically generated swords at the enemy.

Spiral Swords --- Create a barrier of countless swords which surround and protect you.

Sword Storm --- Fire out swords at the enemy after executing a Spiral Swords maneuver. The swords surround an enemy then fire all at once.

Blistering Swords --- Fire out swords in rapid succession at an enemy after executing a Spiral Swords maneuver.
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Black's Demon and human weapons.
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