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 Karimuri Blood Drinker

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PostSubject: Karimuri Blood Drinker   Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:26 am

Name -- Karimuri

Nicknames -- Demon, Sharok'Nakhal Shareek, And Nehik (Devil).


Category -- Doesn't have one since he isn't a student....

Species --People don't wanna know.


Instant Regeneration -- Nuff Said.

Teleportation -- Ability to dis appear ,re appear from anywhere.

Extreme Physical Abilities -- NUFF THE F**K SAID!!!!

A Bunch of other random bullshit which will be revealed later.

General Appearance

Head With Flame Forms

Blue Flames Default --

Orange/Red Flames Angry --

Black Flames (Can't See Skull.)


Full Set -- NO HELMET for my char.

Theme --

(epic rip off btw)

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Karimuri Blood Drinker
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