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 Alucard's Equipment

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PostSubject: Alucard's Equipment   Sat Sep 03, 2011 11:45 pm

Name: Jackal
Type: Pistol
Ability: The Jackal is a massive pistol made especially for Alucard. With a length of 39cm (16 in), weight of 16kg (35lbs), and a black gunmetal construction, it is one of the most powerful hand weapons. The words Jesus Christ is in Heaven Now are engraved upon it. The Jackal fires a huge 13 mm, mercury-core bullet, with casings of blessed Macedonian silver. The powder charge is a special formula known as "Marvell's Chemical Cartridge N.N.A.9." The rounds are also explosive hollow-tips, and it has six rounds per magazine. It's instantly fatal to most vampires, werewolves, or undead creature with just one shot. Even so, it was made specifically for use against strong regenerators; and so it has the ability to negate regeneration abilities for six posts. Has three ammunition rounds.

Name: Casull
Type: Pistol
Ability: The Casull is a classical semiautomatic handgun. It is approximately 39cm in length (being depicted to be about the same length as the Jackal), weighting approximately 6 kg unloaded and bears a six plus one shot magazine of the .454 Casull caliber that gave the gun its name. The overall look of the Casull is simple and recognizable, but what draws the attention is the abnormally long barrel, used to control the heavy round during recoil. It has a titanium nitrided barrel, which gives it a characteristic gold color. It functions using the Browning short recoil mechanism. Even though Alucard has stated that the round uses explosive silver bullets, the traits exhibited by the bullet wounds show that it displays characteristics similar to that of a full metal jacketed pistol round, when it punches through the lung of two people without having the round explode and one of them was wearing body armor. The silver alloy was melted from a holy cross. It has a 7 bullet round capacity. Has five ammunition rounds for this.

Wooden Stakes, Garlic, Holy Crosses.

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Alucard's Equipment
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