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 Alucard the No-Life King

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PostSubject: Alucard the No-Life King   Sun Aug 07, 2011 12:43 am

Name: Alucard

Real Name: Vlad III Dracula, "Dracula"

Nicknames: Bird of Hermes, Vlad Tepes, No-Life King, Count, Vlad the Impaler, Dracula

DOB/Age: 1431/618 years old

Canon/oc: OC

Category: Night Class (Possible to be Day Class but not often)

Species: Vampire

Level: PurebloodVampire, True Vampire


Immortality/Invulnerability: Referring to the souls inside Alucard; when damaged with exceedingly holy weapons or a blow that would have killed or incapacitated him, is instead directed to his reservoir of souls. The souls inside Alucard serve as "lives" and is the source of Alucard's apparent invulnerability against extremely holy equipment that damaged his weak point. Alucard has a total of 10,246 souls in him. This also gives him the mental endurance and willpower of over 10 million men.

Regeneration: Alucard's ability to regenerate is considerably greater than any other vampire's. He has regenerated from a pool of blood and from being blown to shreds by gunfire, incinerated completely, etc. When damaged to an extreme extent, his body simply turns into a shadow-like substance and reconstitutes. This sometimes collaborates with his invulnerability, in which he does not require his original "body" to regenerate from and can freely regenerate from bats that appear from nowhere.

Superhuman Accuracy: Alucard has been known to hit targets at great range using handguns while looking the other way. He does this by using his so-called 'third eye'. He states that "if you shoot like humans do, you'll only miss like they do."

Superhuman Strength: Alucard can physically rip humans and vampires apart with ease. He also ripped through Tubalcain Alhambra's card, which was strong and dense enough to slice through uranium.

Superhuman Speed: He can move faster than can be seen, and is faster than Mach Speed.

Superhuman Reflexes: He caught a magic bullet within his mouth [which tore through an SR-71 (which is made of multiple alloys, including VARIOUS amounts of titanium) and crushed it within his teeth].

Intangibility: The ability to pass through solid objects.

Superhuman Agility: The ability to defy gravity. He is also seen leaping impossible distances and can go up vertical surfaces. Using this, he can levitate and be able to fly.

Shadow Manipulation: Manipulation of shadows into physical form.

Shape-Shifting: Alucard can transform himself or parts of himself into bats, insects, snakes, hell hounds, other human forms including a little girl, an amorphous mass of darkness, and many other forms. Alucard has four known human forms, each with different characteristics and weapons. He also states that his form means nothing and that he can take any form that he chooses.

Weather Control: The ability to control the weather to a limited extent, as he can spring up a fog.

Illusions: He has the ability to cast illusions.

Teleportation: The ability to dissappear and reappear somewhere else.

Telekinesis: Alucard uses telekinesis to close a door on a fleeing SWAT officer, as well as throwing six or more other SWAT officers through glass doors and navigating them to flag poles where they are impaled. Alucard is later seen moving a broken down air-craft carrier from the Gulf of Italy to the Dover of London all in a little less than 40 minutes, only traveling at a few knots. Maxwell states that the air-craft carrier shouldn't be moving, and that he was amazed it was, especially since a recon jet ( the SR-71 ) was impaled in the air-craft carrier's flight-deck.

Telepathy: Alucard can speak telepathically to his fledgling.

Mind Control and Hypnosis: (fans sometimes call it the "Sex Beam" after a remark from Pip). Works on humans and anyone that has a weaker will than he.

Summoning: The ability to summon familiars, the souls of those whose blood he has sucked in a variety of forms that either sprout from his body or swarm around him as an army numbering in the millions. These familiars can also include animals such as horses and the weapons and abilities that the familiars possessed in life, but Alucard can only use this ability when Control Art Restriction System Level Zero is released.

Blood Sucking: The ability to suck a person's blood and absorb their soul and, consequently, their knowledge and memories. (He learns more about Millennium after absorbing Tubalcain.) He can also absorb blood through his clothes and skin, as he does with Luke Valentine's blood after his hell hound had eaten Luke's body.

Hibernation: Alucard is able to survive long periods of time without consuming blood, but is able to fight at a usual level of strength after drinking even the smallest bit of blood.

Immunity to Vampiric Weakness: His abilities and health are not in any way compromised by such things as sunlight or silver. In fact, it appears that the only weapons capable of harming him to any real extent are the most holy of Christian artifacts, such as Father Anderson augmented by the Nail of Helena (which was blessed in Jesus Christs's blood). Though, he cannot cross running rivers, oceans, lakes, or seas without an external vehicle.

'Supernatural Sense': The ability to sense supernatural activity, Alucard knew the Captain was a werewolf the moment he saw him, and he could see the blessings on Father Anderson's bayonets).

Combat Experience: In addition to his superhuman abilities, Alucard also possesses millenia of combat experience. While he usually relies on crushing his opponents with sheer power, he does at times use strategy. When he fought Alhambra, Alucard used shadow duplicates to distract him, allowing Alucard to close the distance between them and deliver the death blow.

Jackal: The Jackal is a massive pistol made especially for Alucard. With a length of 39cm (16 in), weight of 16kg (35lbs), and a black gunmetal construction, it is one of the most powerful hand weapons featured in the series. The words Jesus Christ is in Heaven Now are engraved upon it. The Jackal fires a huge 13 mm, mercury-core bullet, with casings of blessed Macedonian silver. The powder charge is a special formula known as "Marvell's Chemical Cartridge N.N.A.9." The rounds are also explosive hollow-tips, and it has six rounds per magazine. It's instantly fatal to most vampires, werewolves, or undead creature with just one shot. Even so, it was made specifically for use against strong regenerators; and so it has the ability to negate regeneration abilities for six posts. Has three ammunition rounds.

Casull: The Casull is a classical semiautomatic handgun. It is approximately 39cm in length (being depicted to be about the same length as the Jackal), weighting approximately 6 kg unloaded and bears a six plus one shot magazine of the .454 Casull caliber that gave the gun its name. The overall look of the Casull is simple and recognizable, but what draws the attention is the abnormally long barrel, used to control the heavy round during recoil. It has a titanium nitrided barrel, which gives it a characteristic gold color. It functions using the Browning short recoil mechanism. Even though Alucard has stated that the round uses explosive silver bullets, the traits exhibited by the bullet wounds show that it displays characteristics similar to that of a full metal jacketed pistol round, when it punches through the lung of two people without having the round explode and one of them was wearing body armor. The silver alloy was melted from a holy cross. It has a 7 bullet round capacity. Has five ammunition rounds for this.

Wooden Stakes, Garlic, Holy Crosses


Personality: Egoistical, extremely arrogant and cocky, has an inability to correctly judge his opponent's ability and power until after several minutes or they've been defeated, and gives his opponents multiple chances to kill him. He's very cruel yet can be a gentleman when confronting allies. Now that he lacks a human master, he only wishes to find a being worthy enough of killing him.

Fears: He fears that he won't be able to die or rest.

Alucard was once known as Count Dracula, also known as Vlad III Dracula, the son of Vlad II Dracul. Born in 1431, he later became known Vlad Ţepeş ("Vlad the Impaler") and as Kazıklı Bey ("the Impaling Prince") by the Turks, gaining a fearsome reputation throughout the lands. He is the first vampire that ever existed.

It is revealed in Alucard's flashback in Chapter 70 of Hellsing, Castlevania (2) that he was enslaved by Ottoman conquerors when he was a child and sodomized by a high ruler. During the whole ordeal, he defiantly clenched a silver cross. When he became the Voivode of Wallachia, he launched an all-out war on the Turks which devastated both sides. Eventually, his troops were defeated, his people were killed (although mostly executed by his own hands), and his homeland was set ablaze. Vlad himself was to be executed. However, before he was beheaded, he drank of the blood from the battlefield and became a true vampire. When he accepted the powers of darkness, the silver cross he had always carried with him shattered. Centuries later, in 1897, the events of Bram Stoker's Dracula unfold in the backstory of Hellsing. Abraham Van Helsing, Arthur Holmwood, Quincey Morris, and Jack Seward (Jonathan Harker, the last member of their group, is left out of the Hellsing version of the story) were able to defeat Count Dracula and killed those who served him.

He now goes by a new name, Alucard, as given to him by Arthur Hellsing, Integra's father. Alucard, along with a 14-year-old Walter C. Dornez, is sent on a mission to Warsaw, Poland, to stop Millennium's vampire production program. Decades later, in 1969, Alucard was imprisoned in a dungeon in Hellsing manor by Arthur. According to Sir Hugh Irons, Arthur Hellsing came to believe that Alucard was "too powerful a drug to be used as more than the occasional medicine".

Shortly after Aruthur Helsing's death in 1989, Alucard was awakened and resuscitated by his daughter Integra's blood after she came to his cell and her shoulder was clipped by a bullet. Alucard then blocked and shedded a bullet Richard shot at Integra, allowing Integra the opportunity to kill her uncle. She killed Richard and became the head of the Hellsing Organization, and Alucard became her most loyal servant. There he met his fledgling Seras Victoria, and later encounters Alexander Anderson of the Iscariot Organization. Soon he hears of Millennium's return and prepares to go to war against them. He fights Luke Valentine while walter and Seras deal with Jan Valentine later Meeting Pip Bernadotte and the Wild Geese.He meets Enrico Maxwell in a Musium where Inetgra has a meeting with him and then was about to fight Anderson if it had not been for Seras. He,Seras,and Pip were sent to rio and Alucard Fights Tubalcain Alhambra and kills him.Volume 4 He is sent to the Queen's mansion to expalin about Millennium and then Schrodinger shows up and uses the tv to let the Major message them.Alucard uses gun to shot Schrodinger bt the orders of Integra and then Schro's body disappears.He then later appears alongside Integra and Walter how to abord the eagle held by Rip van Winkle and easily kills her. He sails back to London, in which he releases LEvel Zero and the first gen of his familiars. He faces Alexander Anderson for the final time but he transforms himself into a monster usng the Nail of Helena, gravely dissapointing and enraging Alucard. Anderson destroys all of Alucard's familiars and would have killed Alcuard had it not been for his fledding Seras. Alucard then kills Anderson and faces Walter as a vampire, who also fails to kill him. But then Alucard loses for a third time when he accidently absorbed Schrodinger. 30 years later, he appears vastly stronger as a being that can control physics at the quantum level, essentially granting him reality warping-like powers. Though as centuries passed by and Alcuard reached six centuries old, he decided to use his ability to settle in the world of Cross Academy. He brings his fledging Seras Victoria with him, but removes the Schrodinger soul so he can freely suck blood again. Alucard has adapted to this new environment and feeds on the people around the Academy.

Alucard has a "seal" system placed upon him when he was first defeated by a human. The human, Abraham Van Hellsing, employed this system known as the "Cromwell Seal" that places restrictions upon Alucard's abilities and level of power. This made Alucard a servant to the Hellsing family as well as kept his access to his powers in check. Despite this, since Alucard follows the Hellsing successor of his own will, he can release the Cromwell Restriction Seals himself. The seals are seperated into four levels, with the lower the number level, the more power he unlocks. He chants a line such as: "Releasing Control Art Restriction System.... to levels three... two.... one.... Situation A, the Cromwell Invocation is approved, Hold release until target has been eternally silenced."

Level Three: His normal state. Alucard has somewhat limited access to his abilities overall but is still powerful enough to rival high class vampires.


Level Two: His red duster and red suit is removed, only revealing him in a tuxedo. Although not normally used because the power difference really isn't that great, this level is mainly reserved for mid-class vampires.

Level One: His tuxedo is removed and he takes on clothing that is a black leather straightjacket garb which relates most to his vampiric nature. He's also capable of summoning a hellhound familiar known as "Baskerville" from his body. Alucard's physical capabilities gain a moderate boost.

Level Zero: Alucard transform into his "human" or original form as Vlad III Dracula/Vlad the Impaler. He has medieval armor, a claymore sword, a dark cloak upon him, and he also grows a beard. Alucard releases all of the souls within him which is above 10,000 and summon them back to the battlefield as undead familiars, all mindless soldiers under his absolute control. Alucard has full access to all his powers and his physical abilities reach supernatural levels. In this form, Alucard initially has one life and that be his vampire soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Alucard the No-Life King   Thu Sep 29, 2011 2:20 am

A Canon character huh?

Approved but i don't think alucard from hellsing will last long in this, cause you know every character in this is insanely overpowered....

HELL go to brandon's forum, he's fucking chuck norris in that universe.
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Alucard the No-Life King
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