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 Gelvira, Helena

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Helena Gelvira

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PostSubject: Gelvira, Helena    Sun May 22, 2011 10:16 pm

Fullname: Helena Gelvira

Nicknames: N/A

Date of birth/Age: 20

Canon/OC: OC

Category: Night Class

Species: Human

Abilities/Powers: N/A

General Appearance:

Personality: Helena is a spontanious, happy-go-lucky young woman with a rather odd sense of humor. She is a social butterfly and never one to stay silent, however, enjoys time to herself much. Helena loves to ask questions; she is always seen with a smile on her face.

Fears: Others she might feel are causing a threat to her, not understanding something completely, insects.

History: Helena was born younger child of two. Her and Christoph, her older brother, are separated by a two year difference, and are very close knitt. She was raised with much education and knowledge in fine arts, and perhaps even a bit spoiled. Always getting was she wanted, this go-getter mentality was placed upon her since she was young. From the day she created her first art piece at the age of five, she fell in love with the subject. At the same time, she practiced mastery of the piano. On her eighteenth birthday, she decided to separate from her loving family in search of improvement in her art skills and sought to meet a new diversity of individuals.
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Gelvira, Helena
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